Air Conditioning

air conditioningIn-car air conditioning is fitted as standard to more modern vehicles than ever before.

And on these scorching hot summer days it keeps you cool and refreshed.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend refilling the system every two years for best efficiency.


Gas to Liquid - Liquid to Gas

The magic to keeping the car cold is the air con refrigerent
which is converted from a gas to a liquid by the compressor.

Fans blow the cold air into the interior of the vehicle, turning the liquid back into a gas
Then the cycle restarts...

aircon machine

Why does the gas need refilling ?

As the gas is under pressure, over time, it microscopically leaks out through the rubber seals and pipes.
This is normal and happens on all cars, but a few years there may not be enough gas left in the system
for it to work and then it needs to be refilled back to it's correct level.

The refilling process

Coupling the car to a special machine allows removal of any remaining gas.
It is then checked for leaks by vacuuming for 30 minutes.

After this process, the system is filled with gas to the correct level and tested.